Milan’s Art Fair is back

Miart is out of tunnel and open for business.

Guests attend the preview of miart, the modern and contemporary art fair in Milan. Miart

Miart, Milano’s own art fair, is out of tunnel and open for business. It’s larger, too. The works and galleries are quite diverse in terms of the scope of their research, bringing cutting edge and established art galleries under the same roof of design spaces and Novecento galleries.

Everybody was there, and really wanted to be there and make it work despite the dreadful experience of temperature scans, personal checks, X-rays and everything else. Once inside the fortress, however, you can find some pretty good deals with enticing prices for works from very well-promising and established artists alike.

Walking around, you could see the whole art fauna of Milano (and beyond) was there. Collectors Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Valeria Napoleone, Josef and Antonio dalle Nogare, Giovanna Caruso Fendi, Mauro De Iorio, GAMEC’s director and curator Lorenzo Giusti, MAMBO’s Lorenzo Balbi, director of the MACRO museum in Rome Luca Lo Pinto, artists Goldschmied & Chiari, Vedovamazzei, Andrea Sala were spotted among the others.

A moment from the press preview of the 2021 edition of miart, the first after the pandemic. Photo Miart.

We have some favorites, like Tami Izko at Viasaterna, Monica Bonvicini at Raffaella Cortese, Adrian Paci at Kaufmann Repetto, and Alessandro Agudio at Fanta-MLN.

With such a wide selection and the urge to “simply” be back and be together again, it is basically impossible to distinguish a common curatorial thread that brings exhibitors together, except for one work – the pungent sensory installation by Autogrill – a smell of hot gas-station panini you could sense from every corner. If you know which gallery brought that, let us know.

Camillo Boschi is a contributing editor at Milano Art Guide, where he covers art, culture, and festivals.