Ordet announces benefit sale to fund its program

The independent venue in Milan will host the second annual sale to support its calendar of activities.

Danny McDonald, “Fire Sale on Earth”, exhibition view, Ordet, Milan, 2019. Ordet

Milan’s extensive network of smaller private venues is the city’s authentic cultural fabric. These independent organizations provide fertile habitat for avant-garde creativity and house the most intriguing contemporary research. Ordet, in the Porta Romana area, is undoubtedly one of the most established.

Founded in 2019 by Edoardo Bonaspetti and Stefano Cernuschi, respectively the founder of Mousse Magazine and the former head of the publishing house, it is a platform dedicated to research and production of exhibition projects with some of the most interesting contemporary artists on the international scene.

Three rooms on the ground level in a modest and relatively concealed courtyard feature a yearly cycle of ground-breaking exhibitions. On Via Adige, to be precise, the very same street where the futurist painter Umberto Boccioni resided. The scientific committee features well-known names from the contemporary art world like Fernanda Brenner, Vincenzo de Bellis, Elena Filipovic, Chus Martínez, Ute Meta Bauer, Philippe Pirotte, and Catherine Wood.

After the inaugural project, divided into two episodes and devoted to John Knight, the space has hosted solo exhibitions by Danny McDonald, Andrew Norman Wilson, Liliane Lijn, Cheyney Thompson, Samson Young, Jeremy Shaw, and the British collective BANK.

The independent organization Ordet, located in the Porta Romana district, hosts a rich calendar of exhibitions throughout the year. Photo Ordet.

The two founders also run the publishing house Lenz Press, which often mirrors the projects of the exhibition space. The visual arts are at the center of their activities, although the publishing house also issues visionary publications on neighboring disciplines that influence the contemporary cultural field.

To fund their operations and programs, they host the annual Benefit initiative, a special sale of artworks presented by artists who are friends of the organization. Works by Gian Maria Tosatti, Francesco Arena, Olivia Erlanger, Simon Denny, Alice Ronchi, Diego Marcon, Marinella Senatore, and Fredrik Varslev, to mention a few, are available for purchase online from December 13 to 20. 

For a limited time only, collectors are invited to add a couple of pieces to their collection while also supporting the program of one of Milan’s most vibrant exhibition venues.