6 Photography Exhibitions To See Right Now

From Mario Testino to Sandro Miller.

Nicola Lo Calzo

Mario Testino “Unfiltered” at 29 Arts in Progress Gallery

Mario Testino, Sienna Miller, Rome, American Vogue, 2007.

A world exclusive, and for the first time in Italy, “Mario Testino: Unfiltered” is the first major exhibition of this celebrated artist and photographer’s work. Alongside his rarest and most iconic large format photographs, the Milanese gallery presents an exclusive and unpublished body of work available in new formats and editions, thereby revealing a lesser known, more spontaneous and personal side of the artist’s oeuvre.

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Nicola Lo Calzo “Binidittu” at Podbielski Contemporary

Nicola Lo Calzo. Courtesy of Podbielski Contemporary.

An new project by artist Nicola Lo Calzo which, through the history and cultural heritage of St Benedict the Moor, examines the relationship between the history of colonialism and contemporary cultural identity.

Born to African slaves in the early 16th century near Messina, and then living as a friar minor in Sicily until his death (1589), St Benedict, known as Binidittu, was not only elected protector of both Afro-descendants in Latin America and Palermo, Italy, but also became an icon of redemption and emancipation worldwide. The exhibition features medium- and large-format images, that retrace the main stages of Binidittu’s biography: from his release from slavery to his death, from the post-racist utopia to his beatification.

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L’Altra di Altre. Le donne di Sandro Miller tra serialità e identità at Expowall Gallery

© Sandro Miller

Thirty photographs by the American artist, taken from three of his most celebrated projects – Crowns, Atropa, Malkovich Malkovich – that explore the female universe from very different perspectives. At the age of sixteen, after seeing the work of Irving Penn, Sandro Miller knew he wanted to become a photographer. Largely self-taught, Miller relied on the books of the masters of photography. Through their images he learned the art of composition, lighting and portraiture.

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Giovanna Silva “Milan. City, I listen to your heart”

Giovanna Silva, ampliamento dellʼUniversità Bocconi, Grafton Architects,2021

The exhibition features a selection of about a thousand photographs taken in Milan for a year. Silva focuses on modern and contemporary buildings, but the result is not the Milan of the majestic facades of the city centre. Her tortuous and compulsive vision of the city, like Savinio’s gaze behind the facades, strives to capture something elusive, ineffable. The photos in the exhibition are often unconventional, rarely showing the entire building. Silva takes multiple photos of each building and every image offer a dizzying poetics of shapes and colors.

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Ferdinando Scianna “Non chiamatemi maestro”

Ferdinando Scianna, Parigi, 1989 © Ferdinando Scianna / courtesy Still Fotografia.

Curated by Fabio Achilli and Denis Curti, the show presents 50 images that retraces, through many of his most iconic photographs –from his travels in Spain, Latin America, New York, Paris to his beloved Sicily – the career of this great contemporary artist, also known for his uncommon narrative skill and ability in the noble art of the aphorism.

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Kurt Ammann “Youth”

Kurt Ammann, 1947, Jamboree (France).

Born in Bern in 1925, with his clear eyes and steely temperament, Ammann is a full-fledged member of the Swiss great fine art photography, which has had as much influence worldwide as design and architecture. His mentors and friends were Werner Bishop, Jacob Tuggener, Robert Frank and Renè Burri.

The selection of his works in this exhibition spans several decades and ranges from Switzerland to Japan, from Brazil to Turkey, from Italy to Korea and Ghana. The children and young people in it all surprisingly speak the same language, that of universal feelings, to the point that we wanted to mix them in a sequence without a specific geographical or temporal iter.

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