Tell Me More
Simple Flair
Tell Me More is a celebration of the creative talents that cohabit the contemporaneity, in its various declinations and nuances of interest, scope and ambition.
The interview takes the form of a questionnaire, the same for everyone, with questions focused on the personal and professional sphere.
The series has been commissioned by Milano Art Guide in 2020 and it's curated by Vanessa Ignoti.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word “art”?
We think of all those moments when a visit to a gallery or an exhibition had the power to suggest a thought, influence a project, stimulate an idea.

Where do you go to look for art in Milan?
Our world is architecture and design, and for us, art often means visiting galleries that deal with collectible design, between art and design.

What is your worst habit?
Putting the work before everything else, ours is an independent company and we don’t have a start or end time, and being a couple we often take our work home with us.

How do you get your news?
Obviously, we are very digital, every day we review the major websites that report on design and architecture with the same approach we try to have, contemporary, smart, informal. We are very attached to independent magazines, we believe that their work is immense and fundamental in trying to unhinge certain stale dynamics linked to the world of information. We read about what’s going on in our field, but at the same time, we believe it’s necessary to find out about neighboring sectors, such as art, photography, and fashion. Last but not least: Instagram and its share of personal visions, made up of people and points of view, is a good starting point to have a 360° view on contemporaneity.

What is the strangest object in your office/studio?
Difficult, because the objects that surround us become familiar and we don’t have the perception that they are strange. What everyone notices about our office is that we have chosen to leave the walls in raw concrete, without plaster, with the systems exposed. The idea of the unfinished and the aesthetic value of this choice represent us pretty well.

What’s invisible but you wish people could see?
We would like to make tangible the attitude with which we do things beyond the final result: we put passion into everything, whether it is organizing a dinner at home or the project of a lifetime, but at the same time we maintain simplicity and transparency in our relationships. We believe that there is no need for superstructures, we believe in the value of people and not of characters, we believe that informal doesn’t mean unprofessional, we believe in simplicity as the point of arrival.

In 50 years, what will people be nostalgic for?

If YOU were a work of art, what kind of artwork would you be and why?
We would like to be one of those pieces that are passed down in the family, telling a story.

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?
Trespassing for sure. I would like to secretly jump into an ancient arena late in the evening, when no one is there, and running around (I used to run a lot). I would love to train myself over there and I’m keep saying it!

Who are the five guests of you dream dinner?
The dream dinner is with: Achille Castiglioni; Steve Jobs; Lorenzo Cherubini; Queen Elizabeth (we’re watching “The Crown”) and Walt Disney, and the sixth person added to the last could be Frank Abagnale Jr.

A biopic of your life is in the making. Who is playing you?
This is a tough one: how do you choose the actor who plays the lead in a biopic? Physical resemblance? Fondness?

Simple Flair
Simple Flair is a project by Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, architects e creative, that interface with a fresh design leader by a solid background and a contemporary zeitgeist, managing art direction and contents production with digital instruments and precise projects ability. They also founded their set design project called studio modulo, and they converge the whole experience into Rivera, an innovative and creative space where they invite and host many events, collaborations and talks.