Reaching for the Stars: The Artist Behind The Monument to Margherita Hack

Sissi-here pictured working on the clay version of the sculpture before casting-is the artist behind the monument to the late scientist Margherita Hack that will be placed in front of the University of Milan. Ilaria Depari

A bronze sculpture depicting the Italian astrophysicist will find its place in front of the University of Milan. The work – to be unveiled this week – is the first monument in the city celebrating a female scientist.

How citizens can design the city from below

"Urban contexts often risk being inhospitable and not enabling for people who live in the city" says the curator of the new exhibition Milano Piano Zero at the Triennale in Milan. The exhibition collects nine works by artists that somehow lived Milan for a period, and through the works, the exhibition allows visitors to rethink the city in which they live. t-space studio

A new exhibition at the Triennale in Milan explores the issues between urbanism and urbanity.